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BuddhaBar Experience

Immersive sound healing powered by neuroscience

See event description for details on how to connect.
Via Zoom

Monday 8 August from 7pm to 9pm

Immerse yourself in sound that revives your mind+body at a cellular level.

Merging ancient wisdom with modern science & technology. This Sound Immersion is designed to calm your mind, slow down your brainwaves and transport you into a deep state of relaxation, while revitalising an optimal state of wellbeing, balance and harmony from the inside-out.

A deep and profound sound experience guided by Marc Tomkinson, infusing a unique blend of meditative soundscapes with a range of live 432Hz instruments of Tibetan & Crystal Singing Bowls, Hung Drum & Native American Flutes that naturally soothe the mind+body.

Powered by Neuroscience Brainwave Entrainment, submerge in the ultimate sound healing experience leaving you feeling completely relaxed, restored & revitalised on all levels (mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually).

* Evidence-based holistic modality inspired by the work of Dr Joe Dispenza.

* Suitable for anyone wishing to deepen their relaxation, mindfulness or healing practice or elevate their health + wellness to the next level.

Evidence based health benefits

  • Improve mental, physical & emotional wellbeing

  • Boost immune system

  • Improve sleep quality

  • Balance your nervous system

  • Improve mental health & manage stress more effectively

  • Revitalise an optimal state of wellbeing and harmony.

  • Heal and rejuvenate your body & mind to its natural resonance.

  • Align & tune your energy centres / biofield / chakras / kundalini

  • Release physical, emotional, mental dis-stress, anxiety, trauma and tension

  • Deepen states of relaxation & meditation

  • Purify mental, physical & emotional balance.

  • Break free from toxic thought patterns, limiting beliefs, negative thinking & trapped emotions.

  • Increase creativity, clarity & insight.

  • Manifest your intentions more effectively.

  • Expand your awareness & rewire your brain.

  • Experience transcendental states of consciousness.

  • Feel more energised, calm & balanced

  • Life-changing realisations/transformations

  • Maintain more inner peace & harmony in your life

  • Empower, activate, and awaken your limitless potential.

Meet your facilitator

Marc Tomkinson is one of Australia's leading sound healers. Marc is a Master of Frequency, a DJ, multi-instrumentalist, holistic health practitioner, quantum healer, Founder of Buddhabar Experience.

With over 15 years of experience working with sound therapy. His unique and powerful sounds help soothe the mind, body & soul resonating deeply at a cellular level, moving and shifting energy leaving the audience feeling completely relaxed and revitalised on all levels.

Marc has worked with thousands of people, empowering them through his transformational science-based sound healing sessions. His live sound journeys are said to be ‘sensational, mind-blowing, profound & life changing’ by the likes of Insight Timer, Warner Music, Mind Body Spirit Festival and renowned Australian Gold Medalist, Torah Bright.

Get ready for a deep and profound musical journey.

Covid-safe information

Covid safety apply.

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BuddhaBar Experience


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