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Last Minute Productions

Introduction to Logic Pro: Music Production for All Levels


Wednesdays, 6pm to 8pm Wednesday 26 April to Wednesday 31 May

Last Minute Productions & Morphingaz present Logic Pro X 6-week free face-to-face course.

This program is face to face.

All levels welcomed.

What you must bring to the course:

  1. Laptop with Logic Pro X downloaded on the device. Use the link below for the LPX free trial.

  2. Headphones

Note. Wifi is not available to download software from Community Centre

Week 1: Introduction to Logic Pro

  • Overview of Logic Pro interface and features

  • Understanding the workspace, tools, and navigation

  • Creating and managing projects

  • Basic audio and MIDI setup

Week 2: Recording and Editing Audio

  • Recording audio tracks using microphones and instruments

  • Editing audio regions, including cutting, copying, pasting, and trimming

  • Working with audio effects and plugins

  • Using Flex Time and Flex Pitch for audio manipulation

Week 3: MIDI Recording and Editing

  • Recording MIDI tracks using virtual instruments and MIDI controllers

  • Editing MIDI regions, including quantization, velocity, and modulation

  • Working with MIDI effects and plugins

  • Creating and editing MIDI automation

Week 4: Arrangement and Mixing

  • Arranging and structuring your music in Logic Pro

  • Working with markers, tempo changes, and time signatures

  • Basic mixing techniques, including EQ, compression, and panning

  • Understanding busses, sends, and routing for effective mixing

Week 5: Advanced Music Production Techniques

  • Exploring advanced features in Logic Pro, such as Flex Pitch, Flex Time, and Drummer

  • Using virtual instruments, synthesizers, and samplers

  • Applying advanced audio and MIDI editing techniques

  • Exploring creative sound design and experimental music production

Week 6: Final Project and Wrap-up

  • Applying the skills learned throughout the course to create a final music project

  • Review and feedback on the final projects

  • Tips for organizing and managing your Logic Pro projects

  • Recap of key concepts and resources for further learning

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