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Last Minute Productions

DJ beginner 9 week course


Thursdays, 6pm to 8:30pm Thursday 1 February to Thursday 28 March


9 weeks / sessions / 2 hours each

Week 1:

β€’ Introduction - course overview - learning outcomes / dream & aspirations

β€’ Brief history of DJing & electronic music – from reggae to hip hop, house, EDM, trap & drill

β€’ Equipment overview – from turntables to CDJs & controllers – different software options

β€’ P.A. set up – signal flow – jargon – troubleshooting

β€’ Intro to your equipment – basic features of DJ controller – loading tracks

β€’ Intro to Serato DJ – file types & management – sourcing your music

β€’ Cueing a track – how to locate the first β€˜cue point’ – practice time & questions

Week 2:

β€’ Basic beat matching techniques – cue points – jog wheel – learning to listen

β€’ How to correct out of sync tracks – how to read waves forms

β€’ Beat matching with 2 copies of the same instrumental – practice time

β€’ Your first beat mix transition – using volume faders / monitors / headphones

β€’ Serato DJ – file management on your HD – importing & analyzing files

Week 3:

β€’ Setting BpM – beat matching using pitch tempo slider

β€’ Jog wheel modes & techniques – practise time & feedback

β€’ Intro to music structure – beats/bars/intro/outro – different genres of music

β€’ Serato DJ – setting hot cue points – how to use the performance pads

Week 4:

β€’ Beat mix transitions using intro & outro markers – practise time & feeback

β€’ Finetune your beat matching/mixing/cueing – troubleshooting

β€’ Sourcing your music – file types (MP3/WAV/AAC/etc) – sample/bit rate – dos & don’ts

β€’ Planning a set – concept – dynamics

β€’ Serato DJ – organizing your music – crates/sub-crates/track info

Week 5:

β€’ Enhancing your performance with EQ mixing/bass transitions

β€’ Serato DJ – how/when to use internal mode – FX basics

β€’ Start building your set – practise time & feedback

Week 6

β€’ Working with different genres of music / different styles of Djing

β€’ Intro to scratching & other turntable techniques

β€’ Build your 20min set – practise time & feedback

Week 7

β€’ Review your recorded set & give feedback

β€’ Serato DJ – advanced features – β€˜setup’ tab – FX

β€’ Music industry intro – roles (artist/manager/agent/booker/etc) – professional conduct

β€’ Business admin basics – invoicing – tax

β€’ Rehearse your 20min set – practise time & feedback

Week 8

β€’ Review your recorded set & give feedback

β€’ Copyright basics – composition vs master rights – licenses (APRA)

β€’ How to create your own live remix/mash-up

β€’ Marketing for DJs – β€˜you are your brand’ – free/paid platforms – social media

β€’ Prep for week 9 – performance tips & hacks

β€’ One on one practical – 20min set run through – fine tuning

β€’ Homework: rehearse your set & record/film yourself

Week 9

β€’ LIVE Performance at external venue (Your Time To Shine)

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Last Minute Productions



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