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Haymarket HQ & UNSW Founders

Is Web3 eating the world?

Haymarket HQ
Haymarket HQ
2/63 Dixon Street, Haymarket NSW 2000

Thursday 23 June from 8am to 9:30am

Web3 changes everything. How can startups and investors keep up? Join us for a special breakfast chat with Visiting Entrepreneur Maria Shen and some local startups pitching live.

In 2011 Marc Andreessen famously said that “software is eating the world”.

You might argue that Web3 is now eating the world, but many founders and investors haven’t caught up. What’s going to change about startups and investing over the next five years as a result of this renaissance?

Join an exclusive breakfast and fireside chat with expert guest straight from San Francisco, Maria Shen, Partner at Electric Capital. Maria is an NFT enthusiast, Web3 thought leader, founder at the cutting edge of Web3, and an investor in one of the most active Web3 venture capital firms in the world.

Maria will join us by video link from San Francisco as she shares insights and stories from her experience as an investor.


  • 8am: Doors open. Grab breakfast!

  • 8:15am: Fireside chat with Maria Shen

  • 8:45am: Startup pitches

  • 9:15am: Networking

  • 9:30am: Event concludes

About Maria Shen

Maria Shen is a partner on the investment team at Electric Capital. Prior to Electric, Maria was CTO and co-founder of a startup that helped SMBs easily create their supply chains with manufacturers around the world. Prior to that, she worked on search technology at Microsoft, with her features shipped to more than 1 billion devices. Maria received her A.B. in Government from Harvard and M.Eng. in Computer Science from Cornell.

About Haymarket HQ

Haymarket HQ provides NFT education, programs and a co-working community to accelerate the next generation of NFT projects and startups in the heart of Sydney's CBD.

About UNSW Founders

UNSW Founders inspires Australia’s next generation of entrepreneurs. Our programs and services support UNSW students, staff and alumni to build entrepreneurship skills, found and grow real companies.

The Visiting Entrepreneur Program is produced by the City of Sydney with partner organisations from the local startup ecosystem. The 2022 edition is kindly supported by Tech Central and the Greater Cities Commission.

Covid-safe information

Please follow COVID-safe practices when attending our event and stay home if you are feeling unwell.