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Visiting entrepreneur program


Free virtual event series

Watch the 2020 webinar series featuring global sustainability leaders as they discuss cleantech and the role technology plays in meeting our sustainability goals.

In conversation with Robyn Denholm, Board Chair Tesla

Hear from Tesla's, Board Chair, Robyn Denholm as she discusses technology's role in sustainable energy and how we will look to new technologies to meet sustainability goals.

Asia's CleanTech Transition – Opportunity for Australia

Hear from Danny Kennedy, CEO New Energy Nexus as he leads a discussion about the burgeoning clean tech market and the export opportunity for a new breed of businesses. 

Going Green: the new economy

Danny Kennedy, CEO, New Energy Nexus, and a panel of local experts discuss Australia’s green economic potential and how Sydney can leverage its strengths to lead this space.

The future of food: how entrepreneurs are innovating

How will food and agritech entrepreneurs meet the needs of a growing global population, while also committing to sustainable growth? Hear how groundbreaking innovators tackle our growing food and environmental crisis.

The hardware code: Deciphering for success

Shama Sukul Lee, founder and CEO at Sunfed shares her journey of being a software engineer turned food industry disruptor and her breakthrough startup using clean technology to make meat without the animal.

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Transition to clean tech in a post-pandemic world
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Transition to clean tech in a post-pandemic world

Tesla and New Energy Nexus share wisdom with Sydney startups.