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Raising the Bar

Heba Khamis: What does a robotic future really look like?

Skittle Ln
Sydney NSW 2000

Wednesday 28 April from 6pm to 7pm

Heba Khamis, co-founder and CEO of Contactile, will discuss a future filled with robots. At the mention of the word ‘robot’, most people imagine a futuristic human-like robot that can see and hear, can walk and talk, and can manipulate things with its ‘hands’ – like Sonny from the movie iRobot, or maybe even the Terminator.

There aren’t many (if any) robots like this just yet, but actually, robots are already all around us – they are vacuuming our homes, manufacturing our cars and assembling our electronics – and robotic technologies are improving every day. To predict what our robotic future might look like, we will look at how technology has changed the world in the past, what technology and robotics are doing for us in the present, innovations in robotics today and how we will adapt to these future robotic technologies. 

Contactile – a Sydney-based start-up, making tactile sensors that give robots a human sense of touch to enable them to perform difficult material handling tasks. Since 2014, Heba has been developing tactile sensors for robotic gripping that are inspired by the human sense of touch. Heba holds a PhD, B (Software) Engineering and B Medical Science and has been a researcher for over 10 years applying her expertise in biosignal processing, pattern recognition and machine learning to complex biomedical problems including epilepsy, cardiac diseases, malnutrition and human tactile physiology.

Also speaking at this location at 7:30 pm is Bruce Isaacs.

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