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Nature Being Australia

Forest Bathing at the Rose Gums Centennial Park

Loch Ave
Centennial Park NSW 2021
Meeti up: Midway between the Federation Pavilion and the Public Toilets, opposite the Grand Drive.

Friday 22 September from 9:30am to 12:30pm Saturday 23 September from 9:30am to 12:30pm Saturday 30 September from 9:30am to 12:30pm


Adult: $59.54

In collaboration with Serene Forest Therapy, Nature Being invites you to restore your connection with nature - a simple, effective and accessible way to boost our sense of wellbeing. Taking time out from the busy-ness of our lives to pause, breathe and awaken to the natural world around us is the very essence of Forest Bathing.

Forest Bathing comes from the Japanese public health practice of shinrin-yoku, which means to bathe in the atmosphere of the forest (and/or other natural environments). To experience nature through our senses. As we do, tapping into the healing benefits that nature provides.

Forest Bathing is an evidence-based preventative health practice of guided immersion in nature. It supports our mental and physical wellbeing. Proven health benefits include reduction in blood pressure, anxiety and depression, enhanced concentration levels and improved immune function.

A certified forest therapy guide takes the responsibility of guiding the walk, so you can simply enjoy being in the moment. Starting in an open grassed area we will wander into a forest of pine-trees, paper-barks and a rare stand of rose gums, taking our time to engage with the sights, sounds, scents and textures of our forest surroundings. The walk is leisurely, approximately 1 km long and will finish with a tea ceremony, including light refreshments.

For the walk:

We recommend you wear comfortable walking shoes and clothes and or a raincoat appropriate for the weather. In a bag you may want to bring a water bottle, snacks, sun protection and any personal medications.

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Nature Being Australia


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