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Cybersecurity serenity: calming online threats [webinar]

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Tuesday 11 June from 12pm to 1pm

Protect your business from cyber threats with Cole Cornford, Director Galah Cyber.

In an era where cyber threats loom larger and more complex than ever, safeguarding your small business's digital assets is paramount.

Learn how to protect your business from cyber threats with Cole Cornford. Gain insights into cyber hygiene practices, data security measures, and incident response planning to ensure the security of your valuable data, all critical insights into protecting your business in the digital age.

Key takeaways

  • Creating a robust cybersecurity framework that guards against potential attacks

  • Identifying cyber threats and risks for small businesses

  • Training your team to recognise and respond to cyber threats.

  • Customised learn along resources to support your business growth

About the speaker

Cole Cornford is the founding director of Galah Cyber, Australia's premier software security consultancy. Cole also consults and leads cyber security for companies like Westpac, Telstra and the the Australian Taxation Office. 

Cole hosts the Secured podcast, and is a regular security keynote speaker who writes influential security-focused articles. In his spare time Coles tries to grow the tech footprint in the Newcastle region through collaborations and guest lectures with the University of Newcastle, organising tech-oriented regional conferences and helping local community groups thrive. He shares his expertise across small and large businesses from the tech, banking and finance, not-for-profit, government, health, law, and telecommunications sectors.

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