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Unbreakable business: building resilience [webinar]

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Tuesday 25 June from 12pm to 1pm

Build business resilience and prepare your business and employees for unforeseen challenges with James MacDonald, Director NewyTechPeople.

In a world marked by rapid changes and uncertainties, building a resilient business is more crucial than ever.

Prepare your business and employees for unforeseen challenges with James MacDonald, Director at NewyTechPeople. Hear strategic insights into fortifying your business against unforeseen challenges. Explore risk management, disaster preparedness, and business continuity planning to ensure your business can weather any storm.

Key takeaways

  • Building business resilience, especially for small and medium enterprises navigating the volatile tech landscape

  • Strategies for building a robust organisational structure that can withstand market fluctuations, technological changes, and economic downturns

  • The critical role of agile and adaptive leadership in steering a company through crises and opportunities alike.

  • Customised learn along resources to support your business growth

 About the speaker

James MacDonald is the director at NewyTechPeople, a leading agency that helps companies and talent connect and thrive. Throughout his career, he has founded multiple 6 and 7-figure businesses and is an early-stage investor in multiple tech startups. He has placed thousands of tech professionals into jobs that have allowed companies to build and develop their teams.

James is the founder and host of the NewyTechPeople podcast, where he showcases the incredible work of top tech talent in Australia, why they’re passionate about their work, and what resources help power their success.

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