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Breath Space with Thomas
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Supercharge your creativty and Present & Pitch with IMPACT

2/63 Dixon St
Haymarket NSW 2000
Haymarket HQ

Friday 21 October 2022 from 11pm to Saturday 22 October 2022 11:45am

So you're a Start-up, Innovator, or Entrepreneur? maybe you're all 3?

Pressure to deliver, be at your creative best to innovate, have maximum impact when you present to early adopters and, when you're pitching to investors, be charismatic, calm, and convincing!? Am I way off with all of that?

Here's where I come in.

I am going to run a session that will have two primary outcomes:

1. You will be stress free, thinking clearly, calm and peaceful

2. You will know how to harness your own personal power to shift your mind and body so that you can be at your best when you need to - I'm going to give you back some agency and control over your ability to focus, flow, and perform.

I'm a Wim Hof Method Instructor - I will be running a breathwork session that will give you an experience of different breathwork techniques for different situations you may encounter, and we will finish with Wim Hof Breathing.

In essence we will be STRESS-BUSTING! I will give you tools for the rest of your life so that you can shift states whenever you need to! Need to 'get up for it'? Need to 'calm down'? Need to re-centre and be ready to perform? I've got you!

Come and join in person at Haymarket HQ Level 2 Workshop Space. Not in Sydney? that's ok - I will be sending out a Teams link as I will also be streaming the workshop live for anyone to access!


5 minutes - Introduction, housekeeping and advice for the session

15 minutes - Breathing techniques for managing your energy and emotions for Pitching and making an Impact

15 minutes - Wim Hof Guided Breathwork session for releasing stress & anxiety and clearing the mind of clouded thoughts

10 minutes - Reintegration to the day and Q&A & De-Brief

Do I need any equipment?

The most important thing is that you're comfortable and able to relax as much muscles as possible.

  • I encourage you to lie down for the session - a yoga/exercise mat is useful for that. Most people like to bring their own. I can bring one for you if you message me to reserve one.

  • If you're going to sit, a chair is best. Preferably one that supports the arms and back of the head. This allows optimal relaxation and support for the body.

  • Comfortable, cosy clothing. Many people get a sense of being cold during breathing exercises. Good to have an extra layer or small blanket handy to keep you warm.

  • It's best to do the session on a relatively (if not completely) empty stomach. We are doing the session before lunch time so you should be ok for this.

  • In order to minimise potential distractions, a quiet and low light space is best (dim the lights, put the blinds down etc). Comfortable headphones are a good option to enhance the immersive experience of my voice and the background music. Some even use an eye mask to remove light pollution entirely.

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Breath Space with Thomas


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