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Singing group online with Sharon Hayes

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Fridays, 12pm to 2pm Friday 26 June to Friday 28 August

Sharon Hayes has been teaching singing for the City of Sydney at the Reginald Murphy Centre in Kings Cross for 4 years and the Harry Jensen Centre in Millers Point for 1 term. 

It has brought a lot of joy to the community. New friendships have been made along with learning how to sing correctly. The students are very pleased with their progress. 

Sharon was sponsored to sing solo by ‘The Metropolitan Room’ NYC 2012-2014, she is on iTunes and sings professionally. Sharon also teaches privately and is currently working on a new album.

She teaches scales for 30 minutes then each person has the opportunity to sing one or two songs, which she work on with them to bring out the best. Everyone has lots of fun!

We have two classes a week. Tuesdays 10am and Fridays 12pm


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