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The Magicians Cabaret

Secrets of a Magician Tour

26-32 Pirrama Rd
Pyrmont NSW 2009
The Magicians Cabaret Suite 108 Jones Bay Wharf

Weekends, 1:30pm to 2:30pm Saturday 21 October 2023 to Saturday 20 January Sunday 22 October 2023 from 1:30pm to 2:30pm

Behind the smoke and mirrors.

As you enter The Magicians Cabaret, you shall discover another world, filled with hidden magic and cabaret treasures and untold mysteries.

You will be welcomed by the creator of The Magicians Cabaret, the Magician!

Once you recite The Magicians Oath your journey begins.

For centuries, secrets of magic have been handed down verbally from magician to magician or through underground dealings. Through the interactive exhibits and hands-on tour, adults and children have the joy of discovering how a magician performs magic and how he fools his audience.

The tour, which includes the magician performing magic, tapestries man and woman’s remarkable powers of imagination and high levels of mindset through the centuries. You shall also discover how magic and magicians have influenced the movie industry, wars and cultures and of course prepare for magic shows.

Discover the secret of the sawing a woman in half illusion.

More mysteries await you as the magician may unearth buried secrets of the cabaret, its colourful early years, dealings with media, celebrities and how The Magicians Cabaret became the longest running cabaret in Australia.

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The Magicians Cabaret