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Cicada Innovations

Rebuilding the World with Po Bronson

South Eveleigh
South Eveleigh
Cornwallis Street, Eveleigh NSW 2015
Cicada Innovations, 4 Cornwallis St, Eveleigh

Wednesday 2 June 2021 from 7:45am to 9:45am

Doors open at 7.45am for breakfast and networking, the live stream starts at 8.25am.

The pandemic and increasing threat of climate change has rapidly exposed vulnerabilities in our healthcare and food supply systems.

We drastically need to rethink the way we work, live, and look after each other and the planet.

So imagine if we started again. Rebuilding our food, healthcare, manufacturing, and energy systems using biology. No more destroying, extracting, and burning earth’s natural resources, but instead harnessing biotechnology to make useful, more sustainable products. Food, medicines, materials, energy that are made with nature not by destroying it.

We invite you to reimagine, re-materialize, and rebuild the world using biotech and science with Cicada Innovations CEO Sally-Ann Williams and Managing Director of Indiebio Po Bronson “Coach Po”.

They’ll envision a world where we eat lab-grown food for breakfast; wear clothes made from biomaterials that can repair themselves; drive cars and heat houses powered by plants; treat illnesses with medicines tailored to our genetics. Highlighting the startups that are using biotech as the building platform of the 21st century to solve our most pressing problems.

Meet Coach Po

Po Bronson is the managing director of the world’s leading science accelerator, Indiebio. Indiebio has accelerated over 160 companies, (including Memphis Meats, NotCo, and Clara Foods) from 38 countries, collectively valued at over $3.4B. Po has written seven New York Times bestsellers, including his latest "Decoding the World, a Roadmap for the Questioner,". He has won 9 national awards for science journalism, has written for Wired and Wall Street Journal, and his work has been cited in 185 academic journals and 503 books.


This event is in-person and will also be live-streamed

7:45am - Door open, breakfast & networking

8:25am - Live Stream begins

8:30am - Conversation with Po Bronson

9:15am - Live Steam concludes

9:20am - Networking

9:45am - Event Concludes

The event is in partnership with South Eveleigh. The birthplace of Australia’s national rail network and the country’s subsequent successful industrialisation, South Eveleigh has been transformed to become one of Sydney's most dynamic communities. The precinct celebrates both the heritage and rich history of the area, and is now home to a world-class technology and innovation hub, an Australian-first Indigenous Community Rooftop Garden, public artwork, and is a lifestyle destination and food mecca that welcomes, celebrates and enriches the lives of its communities.

This event is part of the Visiting Entrepreneur Program, an annual City of Sydney initiative that connects international entrepreneurs with our local startup ecosystem. The 1-10 June 2021 program puts a spotlight on transformative technologies tackling major global challenges, with an emphasis on biotechnology and quantum technology. See the full program at #VEPSyd

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