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City of Sydney

Little Sydney Lives exhibition 2023

Customs House
Customs House
31 Alfred Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Level 2

Weekdays, 10am to 6pm Weekends, 10am to 4pm Monday 9 October to Sunday 30 June 2024



Little Sydney Lives is the City of Sydney’s children’s photography competition. Cheeky, delightful and often surprising, their images provide insight into the lives and imaginations of our junior go-getters. 

Little Sydney Lives is produced by the City of Sydney as part of Art & About Sydney, an ongoing program of temporary art projects in unusual spaces. 

See the 20 finalist images up close, on exhibition in the Customs House Library, level 2. 

2023 Finalists

  • Frankie Macedone

  • Thomas Meyer

  • Massimo Morara Tabbo

  • Ezra Bor

  • Clara Frey-Willems

  • Carter Chetty

  • Nicholas Yeo

  • Brody Taylor

  • Pina Macedone

  • Amelia Macdonald

  • Aria Macedone-Hunt

  • Elliot Jerome Rien

  • Isabella Mereau

  • Josephine Maddock

  • Olly Deitz

  • Bethany Whiting

  • Orson Ferris

  • Charlie Whiting

  • Mitchell Holt

  • Cameron Lee


  • Pina Macedone ‘Charlotte of the Inner West’ (winner of the 3 – 7 year old category)

  • Orson Ferris ‘Man with his Parrot’ (winner of the 8 – 12 year old category)

  • Olly Deitz, ‘Hold Still’ (finalist, 8 – 12 year old category)

  • Frankie Macedone, ‘Another rainy day in Sydney’ (finalist, 3 – 7 year old category)

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