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Haymarket HQ & Artesian

Is diversity the key to unlocking the potential of Web3?

See event description for details on how to connect.

Tuesday 28 June from 9am to 10am

By definition, Web3 is an inspiring vision for a new iteration of the internet. So why build it the same way as we did Web2?

As we welcome the next iteration of the online world – Web3 as it is known – we also welcome an opportunity to broaden crypto's impact through diversity and inclusion. Making their mark in tech spaces traditionally dominated by men, a cadre of women are leading the charge and paving the way for diversity.

You are invited to an exclusive virtual panel session with Visiting Entrepreneur, Maria Shen. Maria is Partner at Electric Capital, one of the most active Web3 VC firms in the world, an NFT enthusiast, thought leader and tech founder.

Maria will be joined by a panel of prominent Australian women who are making their mark in Web3 to discuss their stories and insights.

Visiting Entrepreneur

  • Maria Shen – Partner, Electric Capital


  • Ananya Sinha – Investment Analyst, Artesian & Founder of Brown Baddies NFT

Discussion topics

  • Accessibility in NFTs and Web3. Sharing personal stories, experiences, successes and challenges for Women in Web3.

  • What needs to change? How can we encourage underrepresented groups to dabble with Web3, and provide them access to the space?

  • Inspiring the next generation. Key takeaways and advice for those who want to get involved.

Do I have to know about Web3 to come to this event?

While we welcome all levels of experience beginner-friendly session, we’ll assume some basic knowledge of the fundamentals of NFTs and Web3.

About Maria Shen

Maria Shen is a partner on the investment team at Electric Capital. Prior to Electric, Maria was CTO and co-founder of a startup that helped SMBs easily create their supply chains with manufacturers around the world. Prior to that, she worked on search technology at Microsoft, with her features shipped to more than 1 billion devices. Maria received her A.B. in Government from Harvard and M.Eng. in Computer Science from Cornell.

About Haymarket HQ

Haymarket HQ provides NFT education, programs and a co-working community to accelerate the next generation of NFT projects and startups in the heart of Sydney's CBD.

About Artesian Invest

Artesian is a global alternative investment management firm specializing in public & private debt, venture capital and impact investment strategies.

The Visiting Entrepreneur Program is produced by the City of Sydney with partner organisations from the local startup ecosystem. The 2022 edition is kindly supported by Tech Central and the Greater Cities Commission.

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