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Last Minute Productions PTY LTD

FULL: Introduction to music production with Logic Pro X


Mondays and Sundays, 6pm to 8pm Sunday 24 March to Monday 27 May


Course overview

This 10-week course is designed for beginners and intermediate learners interested in music production using Logic Pro X. Through hands-on activities and guided instruction, participants will learn the fundamentals of music production and composition, enabling them to create their own songs by the end of the course.

Course objectives

  • Gain a foundational understanding of Logic Pro X interface and tools.

  • Learn essential music production techniques including MIDI programming, audio recording, editing, and mixing.

  • Explore songwriting and composition strategies.

  • Develop practical skills for creating and arranging original music tracks.

  • Gain confidence in using Logic Pro X to express creative ideas effectively.

Course schedule

Week 1: Introduction to Logic Pro X

  • Overview of the software interface and basic navigation.

  • Setting up preferences and project settings.

  • Introduction to tracks, regions, and the library.

Week 2: MIDI Basics

  • Understanding MIDI concepts.

  • Creating and editing MIDI regions.

  • Using software instruments and MIDI controllers.

Week 3: Audio Recording

  • Setting up audio interfaces and microphones.

  • Recording audio tracks.

  • Basic audio editing techniques.

Week 4: Editing and Arranging

  • Editing MIDI and audio regions.

  • Arranging sections of a song.

  • Introduction to automation.

Week 5: Virtual Instruments and Plugins

  • Exploring Logic Pro X's virtual instruments.

  • Introduction to effects plugins.

  • Creating custom instrument presets.

Week 6: Mixing Fundamentals

  • Understanding the basics of mixing.

  • Balancing levels and panning.

  • Introduction to EQ and compression.

Week 7: Advanced Mixing Techniques

  • Using sends and returns for effects.

  • Advanced EQ and compression techniques.

  • Mixing vocals and other instruments together.

Week 8: Songwriting and Composition

  • Song structure and form.

  • Melody, harmony, and rhythm basics.

  • Techniques for generating song ideas.

Week 9: Creative Sound Design

  • Introduction to sound design principles.

  • Using synthesis and sampling in music production.

  • Creating custom sounds for your tracks.

Week 10: Final Project

  • Participants work on their own original compositions.

  • In-class support and guidance from the instructor.

  • Presentation and sharing of completed projects.

Additional details

  • Duration: Each session is 2 hours long.

  • Time: Once a week.

  • Materials: Participants should bring their own laptops with Logic Pro X installed. Headphones are recommended for in-class activities.


  • No prior experience with Logic Pro X is required, but participants should have basic computer skills.

  • Participants should have access to a Mac computer with Logic Pro X installed.

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Last Minute Productions PTY LTD



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