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Association of Engaged Buddhists

Day of Practice at the Buddhist Library

92 Church St
Camperdown NSW 2050

Sunday 26 March from 9am to 5pm

The Day of Practice will provide an opportunity to take a pause from the busyness and complexities of daily life to focus on meditation, awareness, and tranquillity.

We will minimise interactions with others, put our phones on aeroplane mode, and take a break from our usual concerns. This will create a container that allows us to deepen our meditation and awareness in ways that may not always be possible during daily life.

Uposatha days are a common practice in Buddhism where practitioners reaffirm and renew their commitment to dharma practice. By consciously and intentionally dedicating a period of time to the practice of meditation, keeping precepts, and studying the dharma with others, the practice is developed and strengthened.

This is an opportunity to receive instruction from a teacher and practice with others in conditions similar to a retreat setting. Throughout the day there will be seated and walking meditation, guided group practice, a dharma talk, and a 1:1 meeting with Kynan.

Arrive from 8:45am. Please come on time as we will close the doors before beginning the first session. All attendees will be expected to stay for the whole day.

There are plenty of chairs, zafus, cushions, and benches. There is a dedicated lunch break with time to get food from a local establishment. There are many cafes and restaurants in the area, including Newtown which is a 10-minute walk.

If you have any questions, please contact Kynan on

Cost : Free or by donation.

Please register here :

About the teacher

Kynan Tan is a meditation teacher who takes a collaborative approach to helping students achieve their meditation goals. He came to meditation after struggles with stress, anxiety, and depression and found the practice to be transformative. He believes that meditation has enormous potential for creating positive change and opening up new ways of relating to our experience.

Kynan draws upon a number of different modern and traditional techniques of contemplative and introspective practice. He is a longtime practitioner of the stages of śamatha-vipassanā (as presented in the book The Mind Illuminated), Rob Burbea’s insight meditation techniques, nondual awareness, and brahmavihārā practices (mettā, compassion, empathetic joy, and equanimity).

Kynan studies meditation with Dr. Tucker Peck. He teaches the Pragmatic Dharma Club at the San Francisco Dharma Collective, leads retreats, and teaches one-on-one instruction and online meditation courses. Kynan has sat a number of retreats, including a month-long solo retreat in 2021.

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Association of Engaged Buddhists


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