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Your Future Now

Create your future now

389 Pitt St
Sydney NSW 2000
Rydges World Square

Saturday 8 May from 9:30am to 5:30pm

One day to change your life...

You may have noticed that some people seem to live abundantly in flow, money is easy, they experience peace in their relationships and life and make a massive impact in the lives of others.

But for so many, life can feel like a constant struggle, working harder every year, becoming more and more exhausted, living in survival mode and never quite getting ahead!

For people who have been on this merry go round for years and years, the only strategy they know is to work harder and do more! It feels impossible to see a way out. Unfortunately, this creates more exhaustion and pain, which they try to numb with TV, food, alcohol, drugs or even an addiction to doing!

You may have friends or family in this situation, or perhaps you recognise these symptoms in your own life.

That’s OK, because I know that you too have the ability to attract opportunities into your life, almost without effort, and live in flow.

After dedicating the past 20 years to helping thousands of Australians find peace and abundance in their lives, I just knew I had to do more to help people get off the merry go round and move out of Do’ing and towards Be’ing.

I have put all my years of research and knowledge into a transformational 1 day event called Create Your Future Now, where I will help you:

  • Gain clarity around your future

  • Understand the mechanics of your unconscious mind

  • Learn how to handle the basic stresses around money, relationships and emotions

  • Become a creator!

  • Accept opportunities instead of rejecting them

  • Tap into your true genius and discover your purpose

  • Learn the steps to create your future now!

  • Learn how to use your unconscious mind to start attracting and creating the life you would like to experience!

In saying that, note that this is not one of those typical ra-ra events that suggests that all you need to do is think positively and you will magically attract what you want!


What you will go home with are new skills and strategies you can implement in your life straight away, that will open you up to an abundance of opportunities.

Are you accepting or rejecting opportunities in your life?

Once you learn the mechanics of manifestation, you will realise all of the opportunities are around us constantly, we simply need to become conscious of those opportunities and get our mind to start accepting those opportunities instead of rejecting them.

Covid-safe information

Our venue Rydges World Square is fully compliant with all Covid safety guidelines, and will ensure Covid safety on the day.

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Your Future Now


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