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Eco Styles and City of Sydney

Clothes Swap Party


Saturday 23 March from 10:30am to 1pm

Arrive at 10am to check in your swap items. Welcome and swapping will begin at 11am.

Bet you didn’t know that in Australia, the average person buys almost 15kg of clothing each year but nearly 10kg of their clothes ends up in landfill within the year! This is why Australia has a reputation for being one of the most wasteful textile consumers in the world. 

Our clothes swap party is a fun way to reduce waste in sustainably stylish ways.

So, declutter your wardrobe, pick out the top 5 most gently used and top-quality items (not fast fashion) and bring them to the swap. You’ll get others’ high standard garments in return. It’ll be a way to get new items in the coolest possible way. 

If you love great company, great clothes and hate fashion waste, join us in boosting the circular fashion economy through swapping. In addition diverting clothes from landfill, the goal is to foster a spirit of generosity within the community and make a positive impact.  

How the swap works

1. Bring 1 to 5 (maximum) items of clothing or accessories to add to the swap collection pool.

2. Clothing is checked in, then sorted onto racks and tables by our team.

3. Guests can only begin taking and trying on swap items only after the swap is officially declared open by the host at 11am. This will take place after the brief welcome and talks.

Swap guidelines

  • Clothes brought to the swap must be clean, good quality and in good condition: not worn out, faded, pillaged, pongy or damaged. Good quality also means something you would gift to a friend. Please be mindful and considerate of what other swappers will be happy to receive.

  • We can’t guarantee guests will find their sizes as it depends on what other guests bring. Accessories are included in the pool, so there will be something for everyone. We encourage all sizes to participate in the swap. This swap is for all genders so we welcome clothing designed for male, female, adaptive and all body types.

  • Items to bring: pants, skirts, tops, jumpers, coats, jumpsuits, shirts, catsuits, shoes, bags, shorts, scarves, hats, dresses, sunglasses, jewellery. All these items can be retro, vintage, handmade or from medium to luxury brands.

  • What not to bring: we will not accept underwear, fast fashion, used pyjamas and overused workout gear. 

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Please note that items that do not meet this criteria cannot be accepted into the swap.

Clothes Swap & Style is an initiative of Eco Styles by Nina Gbor and the Juanita Nielsen Community Centre.

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