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Come see the National 4 exhibit at Carriageworks with AAA

245 Wilson St
Eveleigh NSW 2015

Saturday 3 June from 11:30am to 2:30pm

This is the fourth edition of a biennial survey of contemporary Australian art, showcasing work made across the country by artists of different generations and cultural backgrounds.

The National 4 is a partnership between four of Sydney’s leading cultural institutions:

  • The Art Gallery of New South Wales

  • Campbelltown Arts Centre

  • Carriageworks

  • The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

Artists from across Australia and beyond converge on Sydney to present new and ambitious works for The National 4: Australian Art Now, the fourth iteration of the free biennial survey of Australian contemporary art, opening tomorrow at four leading cultural institutions across Greater Sydney.

A partnership between the Art Gallery of New South Wales (Art Gallery of NSW), Campbelltown Arts Centre (C-A-C), Carriageworks and the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA Australia), The National 4 brings together 48 new artist projects involving more than 80 artists from across Country, generations and communities.

The exhibition is curated by Beatrice Gralton at the Art Gallery of NSW; Emily Rolfe at C-A-C; Freja Carmichael (Quandamooka) and Aarna Fitzgerald Hanley at Carriageworks; and Jane Devery at the MCA Australia. This year marks the first presentation of The National at Campbeltown Arts Centre, extending the footprint of the exhibition across Greater Sydney.

The National 4: Australian Art Now is proudly supported by the NSW Government through its tourism and major events agency, Destination NSW.

11 artists are presented at Carriageworks, including:

  • Senior Warrawarra artist, Susan Balbunga’s art practice is informed by her lived experiences growing up in the bush and the knowledge she acquired from her family. Balbunga weaves gunga (Pandanus spiralis) into bamugora, a traditional conical form that has metaphoric, cultural and functional significance.

  • FM Air is a new dance by Jo Lloyd, performed three times during The National 4. Presented in Carriageworks’ Public Space, the three performers move in a continuous bind, oscillating in a transparent fabric bag.

  • In Wintinganhu (sister-in-law)Teho Ropeyarn tells his mother’s story through printmaking and sound. Family, Country and culture are carved into each line of his prints, embodying his connection to the Injinoo community, Cape York.

  • Erika Scott’s The Circadian Cul-de-sac is an otherworldly scene assembled from discarded fish tanks, tyres, Tampax instructions, empty photo frames, knick-knacks and other stuff, rearranged and reconfigured to test how personal understandings relate to broader systems and currencies.

When and Where to meet: 11:30 am at Carriage Farmers Market for a brunch.

then we will start the art fest for eye at 12:30 -- 2:30 pm, Carriageworks.

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