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Newcastle Ghost Tours

Whispers of the Past at Lindesay House

1 Carthona Ave
Darling Point NSW 2027
Lindesay House

Saturday 18 May from 8:30pm to 10:30pm


Starting from: $85

Lindesay was the first major house to be constructed at Darling Point in Sydney and some of its early residents were very colourful and important members of early Sydney society. Maybe they had such a grand time here that they have never really left? 

The house was built in 1834 - 36 for the colony's treasurer Captain Campbell Drummond Riddell.

Many families came after and added to the house but what, for us may be the most interesting part of it, is downstairs in the oldest areas! Turn off the lights and you can just hear the footsteps, the noise and chaos of the busy household and the energy pushing past you.

This you will have to see for yourselves as we hold silent vigils in darkened corners and listen of for the whispers of masters and servants alike.

Upstairs you will be surrounded by the grandeur that was upper class society - and these spaces certainly offer you a different vibe.

We invite you to investigate the house with us in crafted experiences both upstairs and downstairs.

Does anyone remain to oversee this magnificent property?

What shall we discover and find out for ourselves about the early lives of the residents of Lindesay?

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