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Ventuno Walsh Bay

Ventuno Walsh Bay Historical Walking Tour & Lunch

7/21 Hickson Rd
Sydney NSW 2000

Sunday 10 April from 10am to 12:45pm Sunday 22 May from 10am to 12:45pm

Merchants, Mysteries and Pubs - A history tour of Millers Point and Walsh Bay 

In the year 1900, just a stone’s throw away from the present site of Ventuno restaurant, a dark discovery was made by a doctor within a humble house on a cobbled lane. As a result, the historic harbourside village of Millers Point would soon be repossessed by the government and re-forged into the wool-centric workings of Walsh Bay. 

Where more than a dozen sea-faring pubs had once stood humming with sailors, larrikins and locals alike, only three 19th century hotels would soon remain. Where once the elegant mansions of merchant princes gazed over private stores and wharves, rows of heavy brick terraces would begin to line the suburb’s streets. 

Rewinding the clock to an earlier age, Sydney historian Max Burns-McRuvie will lead guests on an exploration through Old Millers Point and Walsh Bay as we reimagine the workings of this murky maritime village and its infamous evolution. 

As we roam the cobbled alleys, timber wharves and spectacular lookouts of this notorious neighbourhood, we’ll unpack the forgotten lives of its local scallywags, sailors, smugglers and legends. We’ll delve into local murders and mysteries, evoke the secrets of ancient pubs and get to know the Millers Point Push — a 19th century street gang who once robbed and terrorised the area to keep their criminal control intact. After revealing the peculiar past and restoration of Millers Point and Walsh Bay, this tour will return to Ventuno restaurant for an Italian style lunch.

Your ticket for $95 includes:

  • 1 hour and 45-minute walking tour

  • 3-course lunch with choice

Tours available starting from:

  • 10.00am for a 11:45am lunch sitting

  • 1.00pm for a 2:45pm lunch sitting

Covid-safe information

The event will operate according to covid safety regulations at the time

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Ventuno Walsh Bay


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