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Peach Black Gallery

Peach Black Winter Festival

126 Abercrombie Street
Darlington NSW 2008
Peach Black Gallery

Friday 28 June from 7pm to 10pm Friday 19 July from 7pm to 10pm Saturday 20 July from 7pm to 10pm Friday 30 August from 7pm to 10pm Saturday 31 August from 7pm to 10pm

Doors 7pm, concerts: 8pm


Concerts 1-4: $35Concert 5: $45Full Subscription: $160

Peach Black Gallery is excited to announce its winter festival.

From June to August, the Chippendale Gallery will pulsate with the rhythm of music, art, and workshops, promising three months of immersive experiences, including five intimate soulful concerts led by extraordinary women, alongside an array of carefully curated artworks and more.

The festival’s centrepiece is a series of five concerts, showcasing the talents of some of Australia’s most distinguished female artists. The diverse lineup spans genres and cultures, from the sounds of Latin America with Claudia Lafuente, to the soulful jazz renditions of Tilly Street, and the unique ethno jazz blend of Haitian-French influences by songstress Athésia. Juanita Tippens of SuiteAz will captivate audiences with her musical storytelling, while the festival culminates in a glamorous flamenco production, featuring one of the country’s top Flamenco Artists and producers, Chachy Penalvar.

Complementing the musical journey is a group exhibition featuring works by Gallery co-owner Matteo Bernasconi, alongside acclaimed visual artists Carmel Byrne and Oscar Garcia. As the gallery pulsates with creativity, attendees will also have the opportunity to engage in art-making activities, including Peach Black’s popular Life Drawing sessions and beginner workshops in drawing, watercolour, and oil painting.

Peach Black Gallery, founded by Visual Artist Matteo Bernasconi and Event Producer Anna Griffiths, is dedicated to fostering a thriving artistic community in Chippendale and beyond. The Winter Festival exemplifies the gallery’s commitment to celebrating diversity, creativity, and the transformative power of the arts.

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