Soapbox orators in the Domain

Sit in a chair in a beautiful park and engage with the soapbox orators

Grab a coffee from the nearby cafe and come over to Speaker’s Corner, the University for the People. Sit in a chair (provided) and engage with the soapbox speakers.

Steve Maxwell is a member of The Greens with a broad knowledge of Australian history and politics. He will give you a point of view that might just change your mind!

Charismatic part-time speaker Helmut Cerncic talks about science, and claims God is nothing more than energy. He explains why Isaac Newton was an ignoramus, and says Newtonian physics should no longer be taught in schools..

Listen to Ray, a fundamentalist Christian. He will rattle your bones with talk of hellfire.

Although Mr Bashful is the authority on the subject of happiness, he answers all questions about all matters. If he doesn’t know the answer to your question, one of his grasshoppers will.

As a boy, Mark the Grinner lived in 3 countries, had 25 homes and went to 13 schools. Then he studied in 4 post-secondary institutions. As a result, he thinks differently to the rest of us. He is an entertaining part-time speaker who doesn’t like capitalism, racism or politicians.

Mirko Terzic wears a UFO cap. He has a comprehensive “understanding” of 21st century science, and that makes him an expert in . . . . well, we’re still not sure.

Other ratbags contribute too. And, if a passer-by has something to say, they might well be given five minutes to say it, up on The Ladder of Knowledge.

And of course, there are the troublesome hecklers. Mr Bashful calls them ‘garden gnomes’.

It’s all part of the fun. Come along and argue with the ratbags. Or be one!

If you decide you have had enough, we generously provide a large art gallery across the road.

“Anything could happen and it probably will.”- Jack Little




Sundays, 2pm to 5pm

Sunday 22 December 2019 to Sunday 29 November 2020



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