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Smartphone photography class

Kendall Ln
The Rocks NSW 2000

Fortnightly on Saturdays, 2pm to 4:30pm Saturday 4 February to Saturday 30 September


Adult: $85-99

Unleash your smartphone camera's full potential and develop your photography skills in a fun and practical, hands-on class.

Enjoy a walking tour and hands-on learning experience in the photogenic area of The Rocks and its surroundings. You'll cover iconic Sydney landmarks like the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

You'll be coached to discover and develop your personal creative and artistic style, drawing from your personal background and personality. Additionally, you'll learn about the technical aspects of photography:

Class overview:

  • Learn about composition

  • Hands-on challenges to put theory into practice.

  • Control your shutter speed and ISO

  • Get constructive one-on-one feedback on your photos, so you keep getting better

  • Learn about and practice travel photography (street portraits, architecture, still life, abstract, landscapes, nature)

  • Learn to edit easily with your phone, and achieve amazing images.

This class is approximately split into 60% learning about shooting, and 40% learning about editing.

For locals, see your city through a new artistic lens. For visitors and tourists, discover some of Sydney's most iconic spots for architecture and scenery.

This class will proceed regardless of the weather as there are indoor areas to use. Suitable for all smartphones (Apple, Samsung and others).

Your Sydney teacher will be either:

  • Chris L Jones - an advertising, editorial and commercial photographer based in Sydney, Australia. He has worked with a wide range of clients and would describe himself as a lifestyle, people, food, travel and occasional art photographer.

  • Or Alfonso Calero - Alfonso graduated from the Sydney Institute of Technology with an Associate Diploma in Photography in 2001 and has been professionally photographing food, portraits, landscapes and travel subjects ever since. He has won numerous photography awards, and speaks English, Japanese, Spanish and Tagalog.

If you have a NSW Dine & Discover voucher, you may redeem it on this class. Just bring it with you, and the teacher will scan it and process a partial refund when you meet on the day of the class. Book your ticket now.

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