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Jess X Goh | Life In Confidence

Lion's gate portal manifestation ceremony

23 Blair St
Bondi Beach NSW 2026
Life In Confidence

Tuesday 8 August from 6:30pm to 9:30pm

“I attended the lion's gate portal activation session with Jess and I was blown away by the experience that I had . She held a safe space for everyone of us and made us feel so comfortable. It was a truly healing session with an opportunity to connect our higher self and also with other like-minded women. I left with a heart full of love and gratitude. I look forward to connecting with her again.” Chitra Kapoour, Yoga Teacher & Software Engineer

Do you feel called to dream big and live big but don't know how?

Do you get lost in the analytical mind in lack and limitation?

What if you could tap into a higher timeline in the coming days, weeks and months that you're ready to call in?

I've personally experienced incredible shifts from these visualisation techniques and high vibrational codes with the support of our galactic team to keep aligning myself to an upgraded reality!

I used to get caught up in the poverty programming of my ancestors where it's ok to JUST have enough to get by and listening to the beliefs of my mum when I was a little girl that I should choose money over love.

I would find myself living paycheck to paycheck and almost found myself at the brink of homelessness with just $100 in my bank account after losing my wealth to a dead beat dress business.

I know now that this is no longer my story. It's history.

I choose love to make money because my service to humanity comes from purpose and passion. A place of turning my pain into power.

I choose to experience my life in abundance by feeling the richness of every moment, whether that's the pleasure of my body, tuning into the senses of what my soul is calling in, allowing the expansion of my heart to keep opening with joy or be willing to get rejected for following my heart, raging with rebellion or collapse into grief.

Every emotion there is lifeforce, lifeforce is energy and energy is what creates our magic of manifestation.

Here's What You'll Experience...

  • Higher Timeline Activation value $400 Go on a journey to call in your higher self to show you your higher timeline that you're ready to call in and magnetise into your physical reality in the coming days, weeks and months ahead through quantum timeline healing, light language, star magic and sound therapy.

  • Sacred Sharing Circle value $200 Feel safe and supported in a group dynamic with a highly successful mentor and like-minded heartcentered people as you share yourself with the tribe.

  • Nutritious Gluten-Free Vegan Dinner value $50 Be nourished and nurtured with a hearty and wholesome plant-based dinner infused with high frequencies and herbal tea to keep you grounded after the activation.

Can't make it live? You might be keen on plugging your ears to my Divine Empowerment audio!

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Jess X Goh | Life In Confidence


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