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North Sydney Community Centre

Introduction to watercolours


Fridays, 10am to 1pm Friday 26 May to Friday 16 June


Adult: $160.00

Learn the basics of working with watercolours including the use of watercolour pencils, colour mixing, brushes and paper choices and undertake various exercises to become comfortable with the medium. 

Embrace a variety of subject matter from still life to landscape and portraiture using a loose style that utilises the transparency and fluidity of the watercolour medium. 

Course Breakdown

Week 1: students focus on dry application techniques using a toucan as their subject matter. They explore the medium of watercolours, work with vibrant colours, and use light and shadow to define forms. Students also work on a simple landscape or grove of trees, building up depth and layering paint.

Week 2: Continue with dry application techniques, this time using shells as the subject matter. Students concentrate on exploring tones of colour and shading using watercolours and pen.

Week 3: shifts to wet application techniques, where students paint a cat, a still life, and a Tuscan landscape. Students learn to control the paint on wet paper, a key aspect of wet application techniques.

Week 4: continues with wet application techniques, focusing on creating images of Venice with suggestions of atmosphere and using smaller brushes to define detail. Students also work on a maritime scene, mixing and diluting colour to create different effects.

The course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of watercolour techniques and materials, as well as hands-on practice and skill development through various projects.

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