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City of Sydney & University of Sydney

Feel, hear and smell architecture before it’s built

Wayward Brewing
Wayward Brewing
Wayward Brewing Co., 1 Gehrig Ln, Camperdown NSW 2050

Tuesday 4 April 2023 from 6pm to 7pm

Using VR to create multi-sensory design experiences.

Virtual Reality technology has the power to help us imagine what architecturally designed spaces might look like. But, have we unlocked the full potential of VR technology? What if we could incorporate a wider range of human senses into immersive virtual experiences?

Anastasia Globa explores how we can have life-like encounters with spaces before they are built, using lighting, sound, temperature, weather, texture and even smell.


Dr Anastasia Globa is a researcher and designer working in architecture. Anastasia is a Lecturer in Computational Design and Advanced Manufacturing at the University of Sydney, with interests in algorithmic design, interactive systems and simulations.

Anastasia develops interactive virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) environments that engage with a wide range of sensory inputs. This might mean adding the sense of touch, 3D sound, temperature and even smell to visual experiences. Using real-time interactive applications and gaming engines, Anastasia applies her VR and AR tools to design simulation projects.

Also speaking at Wayward Brewing at 8:00PM is Martin Boyd

About the venue - Wayward Brewery

Located in the bones of a former wine cellar, Wayward Brewery's expansive, underground taproom boasts 24 taps and a lot of character. Their bartenders are local legends that love to have a chat and treat their regulars like part of the Wayward family. Pull up a bar stool in the main bar, or hole up in one of the old wine vats, which have been converted into cosy drinking dens with speakeasy vibes.

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