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Passage Gallery

Emma Fielden 'Hours of Stars' at Passage Gallery

102/8 Quay St
Haymarket NSW 2000
Passage Gallery, Level 1, Prince Trade Centre

Every day, all day Friday 15 March to Friday 19 April

The exhibition will be accompanied by a performance that will take place on 5 April



Emma Fielden's ‘Hours of Stars’ unfolds within Passage as an installation and performance that transforms the gallery into a space for cosmic reflection where the terrestrial plane mirrors the celestial.

The installation, a meticulously arranged constellation of 108 hand-cast chalk rocks suspended by linen thread against a void-like black canvas, evokes the star-studded embrace of the night sky. This celestial assembly, floating at eye level, exists in a delicate balance, poised between the potential for motion and the stillness of the void.

The heart of Fielden's exhibition beats in the moment of transformation – a performative act where the artist, as both creator and destroyer, severs the threads that tether the chalk rocks to the heavens. This act, reminiscent of the cosmic phenomena that shape the universe, precipitates a celestial downfall where each rock's shattering on the black paper below not only marks an end but also the beginning of a new constellation. The remnants of this celestial cascade, a dusting of bright chalk across the dark floor, map a stellar cartography born from destruction, a poignant reminder of the cycle of creation and destruction that shapes all existence.

In this space, where time seems suspended, Fielden challenges us to consider our place within the cosmic order. The installation reflects on the transient nature of existence, where the ephemeral glow of chalk rocks against a seemingly eternal darkness invites us to ponder the delicate interplay between light and shadow, life and death. The aftermath of the performance – limp threads, shattered rocks, patterns of chalk dust – becomes a visual requiem for the stars, a testament to the enduring beauty and tragedy of the cosmos.

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About Passage:

Passage is a non-commercial gallery dedicated to installation art located in Sydney’s bustling Chinatown, presenting a year long program of exhibitions that can be viewed 24/7 and without opening hours. The purpose of our organisation is firstly, to create a platform for installation artists to showcase new and exciting work, and secondly, to give Sydney people and visitors the unique opportunity to access art 24/7.

Alongside our exhibition program, we also host monthly public programs including artist talks, performances, workshops, and dinners that bring audience and artist together. As advocates for art viewership and accessibility, we have chosen a location that can be viewed 24/7 in a wheelchair-accessible building and we offer bilingual exhibition information in Mandarin and English.

At Passage we follow a unique model of artwork commissioning, where each exhibition invites one artist at a time to create new work that transforms the entire gallery. This model encourages risk-taking and the creation of new work. With this format, each exhibition changes in its entirety, drawing in new audiences and surprising them with the artist’s fresh interpretation of the space with each show.

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