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City of Sydney / Bikewise Australia

Cycling in the city course


Sunday 11 June from 9am to 1pm Sunday 18 June from 9am to 1pm


All workshops: $25

Find the answers and build your confidence to ride on city streets.

  • Do you feel confident stopping suddenly?

  • Do you feel pressured cycling around moving traffic?

  • Do you know what to do when you get to a roundabout?

  • Do you get flustered signalling and turning right on a busy road?

  • Do you need help finding relaxed, quiet routes?

Course outline:

  • theory (1 hour): rights and responsibilities, route planning, traffic and positioning theory

  • in the park, under the shade cloth (1 hour): bike control skills and practice

  • group riding (2 hours, with breaks): cycling in regular traffic to help you master sensible, effective and considerate positioning, and show the benefits of good route selection

  • on-street: typical scenarios faced by bike riders and how to handle the different situations.

What to bring:

  • a bike in good working order. Instructors will assess your bike.

  • a helmet

  • water and snacks

  • raingear if it looks like light rain

  • a light jacket if it's cold.

Bookings required.

This course is suitable for 14 years and above. Children under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by an adult.

Please arrive at 8:45am for a 9am start.

Wet weather: the instructors will make the decision at around 7am on the day of the program and will contact you by phone. As a rough guide, we will run the course in light sprinkles and cancel for dangerous weather.

We also run Rusty Riders, which stays in the park, runs at a slower pace and develops the skills and confidence to make cycling fun.

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City of Sydney / Bikewise Australia


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