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Clay Sculpture Workshop: Make a Human Torso

250 Riley St
Surry Hills NSW 2010

Thursdays, 6pm to 8:30pm Thursday 21 July to Thursday 20 April 2023

Experience a relaxing fine art experience with Imakesculptures in Sydney and learn how to sculpt a human torso. You will be sculpting with a bit of wine ( or a beverage of your choice) as a projector displays artistic photos of the human body.

You will be able to look at torso sculptures, as well as the slide show. Your teacher Irina is a Master of Fine Arts Sculptor whose sculptures will be there for reference, and photographs presented are made by another fine artist.

Everyone will receive wire armature fixed on a wooden stand which will help to build the sculpture and provide the basic proportions that can be challenging for beginners.

Irina will go around from person to person to gently nudge your sculpture in the right direction. If you want to receive more in-depth instructions, you are more than welcome to ask.

One of the major differences between applied (such as pottery making) and fine arts is that in the fine arts there are no strict rules that could make our project unsuccessful or "failed" to serve its function.

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