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Banner Galleries: Yonny Tse and William Tse - Resurgence

Alfred St
Sydney NSW 2000

Every day, all day Saturday 10 February to Sunday 25 February


Exploring the profound depth of Chinese dragon mythology, we are drawn to the rich tapestry of significance it weaves within Chinese culture.

The dragon, an emblem of power, wisdom, and good fortune, has etched its indelible mark on the collective consciousness. In the luminous threads of Lunar New Year banners, we find a vibrant connection to this cultural icon, where festive messages and holiday blessings flow like a river of tradition.

Yet, in this age of unprecedented challenges, the banners carry a dual purpose, resonating with the echoes of the recent coronavirus pandemic. The dragon, reborn from the ashes, emerges as a metaphor for our resilience and strength, an inspiring message for our times. With Sydney's iconic landmarks entwined in the design, a unique tapestry of togetherness and community is woven.

The banners, a symphony of vibrant colors and minimalist graphics, beckon attention and unfurl happiness and good fortune in their wake. It is a testament to the designer's artistry, encapsulating the essence of Chinese culture and the jubilant spirit of the Sydney festive season in a design that is both unique and deeply meaningful.

About the artist:

Yonny Tse is an illustrator living and working in New South Wales. She studied at Bristol Polytechnic in the UK. Since leaving Art School, she has worked at several advertising agencies and publication companies in Hong Kong.

Yonny has over 15 years of experience across Illustration and Design, more recently deciding to work as a freelance illustrator to enjoy the combination of flexibility and professionalism. Most of her illustrations combined the traditional medium (water colour, pastel, acrylic) and digital techniques. She draws artwork for use in exhibition, magazines, books and book covers, illustrating complex emotional issues, women’s issues and relationships and food in a stylized.


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