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12 Lunar Lanterns by Erika Zhu


Every day, all day Saturday 10 February to Sunday 25 February



Catch a glimpse of our 12 beautiful lanterns as they lead you down George Street and into Haymarket. These 12 animals, each standing at an impressive 4 metres tall, are infused with a playful charm that beckons joy and character.

Designed with a simple and blobby aesthetic, each lantern lends an endearing naivety that appeals to the inner child within us all. The soft rounded outlines evoke a friendly and welcoming vibe, a gesture of open arms to the Asian Australian community in a moment of celebration for the Lunar New Year.

Under each lantern is a supporting plinth, intricately designed with unique floral patterns that blends contemporary design and timeless Chinese tapestries. Each pattern is designed to represent a meaning particular to the given Zodiac animal.

Altogether, both the lanterns and plinths feature scarlet red, a symbol of luck in Chinese culture, emerald green, a nod to the revered Jade mineral. This is combined with other contemporary colours to create a visual symphony resonating with the spirit of fun and positivity.

Come to George Street during the Sydney Lunar Festival and be enchanted by whimsical lanterns, each a radiant beacon of celebration. With joyful expressions and imaginative shapes, they warmly invite everyone to join the festivities and embrace the new year.

Where to find them:

  • Rabbit: Town Hall Steps; Corner George Street and Druitt Street

  • Cat: Town Hall Steps; Corner George Street and Druitt Street

  • OX: Town Hall Station, outside St Andrews Cathedral; Corner of George Street and Bathurst Street

  • Rat: Outside Koko Amusement (North)/Metro Theatre, 614 George St

  • Pig: Outside Chemist Warehouse, 624 George St

  • Dog: Outside Mixue, World Square, shop 10.03/644 George Street

  • Rooster: Outside Summit Arcade, 569-581 George Street, opposite World Square

  • Monkey: Outside Kelly's Discount Books, 583 George Street; opposite World Square

  • Ram: Outside Central Baptist Church, 619 George Street

  • Horse: Outside Haymarket Hotel, 661 George Street

  • Snake: Outside Redmond Fuss Pharmacy/Capitol Palace Hotel, corner Hay Street and George Street at Capital Square building

  • Dragon: Outside St George Bank, corner George Street and Ultimo Road, 82 Ultimo Road

About the artist

Erika, a Sydney-based 3D artist, draws inspiration from her diverse upbringing in Hong Kong and Japan before settling in Australia. Her childhood was a blend of unique experiences, from playing SuperMario64 with her aunt to triumphing in Beyblade competitions during her primary school years.

Early passions for computer puzzle games and animated sitcoms shaped Erika's imaginative spirit, laying the foundation for her eventual journey into animation. Despite holding a law degree and receiving classical piano training, Erika chose to follow her creative instincts, immersing herself in the world of animation and illustration.

In her current work, Erika infuses playfulness, silliness, and naivety, evident in her vibrant use of colours, character design, and storylines. This artistic approach serves as a nostalgic homage to her childhood, a time she cherishes and seeks to relive through her creations. Her latest work, ‘Al Nafs’ placed first in a creative collaboration project with Genesis Motors Australia. To explore this and more of her portfolio, visit

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