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Visualisation Institute: Climate Project Share

702 Harris St
Ultimo NSW 2007
UTS Building 6, Room 6.38

Friday 17 May from 12:30pm to 2pm

As part of Climate Action Week, this event focuses on past, current and prospective projects by members of the University of Technology Sydney's Visualisation Institute that relate to climate change.

At the start of the session, presenters will each have three minutes to give an overview of a project. Following these presentations, there will be time for informal discussions about projects of interest and opportunities to view/interact with creative practice research. Please bring your own lunch – to minimise waste, this event will not be catered.

Projects include:

  • Andrew Burrell, 'an overground: understory'

  • Exploring more-than-human storytelling across digital and physical ecologies and networks.

  • Jacqueline Gothe and Sarah Jane Jones, 'Design Collaboration and Climate Change'

  • Listening to stories, designing for experience and advocating for change.

  • Rafael Luna, 'Wild Futures – Pollinator Architecture'

  • Committed to the preservation and restoration of pollinator ecologies in urban environments.

  • Mohammed Makki and Linda Matthews, 'Quantifying Quality'

  • Using GIS, image segmentation, and video analysis to assess key qualitative properties of urban spaces with varying typologies and to use these as design parameters in the design process.

  • Zoë Sadokierski, 'The Everything Change'

  • Exploring the potential of 'genre-blending' visualisation to communicate the ethical dimensions of climate change

  • Julia Scott-Stevenson, Envisaging and enacting just climate futures through immersive media.

  • Serena Stewart and Andrew Johnston, 'Decarbonisation of small and medium-sized enterprises'

  • Helping SMEs track and reduce emissions.

  • Aaron Seymour, 'The Invisibles'.

  • Ian Thomson and Andrew Johnston, 'Spirit'

  • A 3D animated short film using storytelling to explore themes of the increased threat of bushfires as a result of climate change.

  • Rhys Williams, 'The social photo and landscape change'

  • How can the social character of digital photography be harnessed to better account for the realities of change in designed landscapes?

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