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The future of meat is cell-based, not animal

The Barrie
The Barrie
107-109 Regent St, Chippendale NSW 2008

Tuesday 4 April from 8pm to 9pm

New technology unlocks a way to eat meat without the environmental impact. 

As the world’s population passes 8 billion and more people are able to add meat to their diets, our planet is stretched to its limits. Former chef George’s inventive technology is growing meat from animal cells. This is allowing meat lovers to eat meat that was made using only a fraction of the greenhouse emissions produced by animal agriculture. 

Learn about a food tech startup that only grows the parts of the animal that we eat.


George Peppou is CEO and founder of Vow. Vow uses cultured meat technology to invent new meats, all by growing the cells of animals rather than the animals themselves. For diners, this means tastier and more nutritious meat. For our environmental future, this means a smaller land footprint and a fraction of the greenhouse gases produced by factory farming. 

Vow is backed by top-tier investors from around the world. Its team of 83 is based in Sydney.

Also speaking at The Barrie at 6:00PM is Professor Deanna D’Alessandro

About the venue - The Barrie

The Barrie exists in the heart of Chippendale. Patterning themselves after the highest standards of hospitality, their team has an innate loyalty to their guests and practices fine art through the beverages provided to them.

The Barrie being set in an intimate space allows for remarkable experiences with impeccable service for their guests.

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