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The Actors' Hub Studios Inc.

The Blind Eye Trilogy - Sydney

New Theatre
New Theatre
542 King Street, Newtown NSW 2000

Friday 7 October from 2:30pm to 9pm

Individual show times: One Punch Wonder - 2:30pm The Innocent Pawn - 5pm Is There Anybody Out There? - 7pm


Individual Show Ticket: $35Trilogy Ticket: $75

Over half a decade in the making The Blind Eye Trilogy now makes its Sydney premiere. This showcase performance is off the back of sell out shows in Perth. 

The Blind Eye Trilogy is a series that confronts head on the challenging taboo topics of the coward's punch, pornography, and domestic violence. The shows deliver these heavy topics through mostly verbatim theatre infused with storytelling. They are gripping and awakening. 


  • One Punch Wonder is a physical performance that addresses the ‘cowards punch’ and puts the culture of ‘toxic masculinity’ under the microscope. The performance leaves the audience asking “how are we raising our boys?”

In Australia, one punch attacks kill approximately one man per month.

  • The Innocent Pawn is a titillating, fun romp through raw and candid experiences of pornography that confronts boundaries about the over-sexualisation of men and women and asks the question: “Can we talk about this or are some subjects too taboo?”

The average age of exposure to pornography is now 5 years old.

  • Is There Anybody Out There? is a thought provoking performance which looks at rising incidents of domestic violence and the perils of romance in our current culture.

In Australia, two women per week die from domestic violence.

Enough is enough. Let’s have this conversation Australia.

What would’ve taken you months or years to experience, can now be enjoyed in one day/evening. 

We all lead busy lives so treat yourself by bingeing this astonishing accomplishment back-to-back.

"Awesome plays! You and your colleagues portrayed the lived experiences of so many throughout the performances. It's a collective acknowledgement to all past and present people touched by societal constructs of violence and objectification of men and women. It's about stopping generational trauma and becoming good societal bystanders ... Starting conversations to build safer future communities." – Wendy Evans


See any of the shows individually or indulge in the whole trilogy.

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Covid-safe information

This production complies with the latest Covid safety guidelines as set out by the NSW Government.

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