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Improv class for personal & professional development

33 Mary St
Surry Hills NSW 2010

Every day, 6:30pm to 9pm Tuesday 9 April to Tuesday 14 May

Meets Tuesday nights for 6 weeks


Starting from: $489

Come tap into your personal power and play at the top of your game.

PowerPlay by PowerProv is a 6-week improv class for people who want to win at work. And in life.

Take yourself and your career to a higher level. Connect, communicate, and collaborate like a legend. Develop more confidence, resilience, and agility. Have fun without having to be funny or perform on stage.

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This is your invitation to have some laughs and make new friends while learning to operate at a higher level.

Learning the soft skills for success doesn't have to be hard.

Focused and fun.

We’ve taken our much-loved improv workshops for teams and expanded the curriculum to give individuals an opportunity to grow, learn, play, and reap all the benefits of improv.

This improv class will give you invaluable skills that you’ll use for the rest of your career and life. And you’ll have so much fun, you’ll probably want to take it more than once. 

No comedians or clowns.

Unlike classes at a comedy school or improv theatre where the focus is on performing and being funny, PowerPlay is led by highly-trained facilitators with relatable work experience.

This means we can frame our unique curriculum around your personal goals and desired outcomes. And you’ll be learning from Pros who practice what they teach in the real world.

Wanna think faster on your feet? Start by registering immediately.

Here’s what you're signing up for:

An Intro to Improv - It’s not about being funny! It’s about learning to React, Adapt, and Communicate. Discover the difference between Editing and Auditing. And embrace what it means to fail joyfully.

Becoming an “Active Listener” – We’re all taught how to read, write, and speak, but nobody ever taught us how to listen, until now. You will transform into an expert and confident conversationalist.

Dynamic Communication & Collaboration – Unlock the Power of “Yes, and.” Use Convergent and Divergent Thinking to innovate like a boss. Get clued up about body language and hear what’s not being said.

Thinking on Your Feet – Learn to trust your instinct and intuition. Get comfortable with uncertainty. Acquire powerful tools for problem-solving and new ways to come up with great ideas.

Public Speaking & Presenting – Develop an ensemble mindset. Crush fear, anxiety, or insecurity about being in front of a crowd. Sell with authority. And celebrate your highest levels of self-confidence.

Soft Skills for Success – Navigate workplace hierarchies and biases. Discover how to get information without asking questions. And learn the secret words you can use to make people like you.

Our classes use procedural knowledge, behavioural science, and cognitive learning to keep you active, engaged, and enthusiastic. No trust falls. No Powerpoint.

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