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Thursday 17 November from 8pm to 9pm Friday 18 November from 8pm to 9pm Saturday 19 November from 8pm to 9pm


Starting from: $35

As part of the latest instalment of its bi-annual season of UnWrapped, the Sydney Opera House presents the Sydney premiere of Takatāpui following its critically acclaimed debut at The Blue Room Theatre in Perth earlier this year. 

Armed with only a microphone, a vocal processor, and a killer pair of heels, antidisciplinary artist Daley Rangi holds a solidary flame in a blistering call to action, invoking queer joy and hot rage. 

Takatāpui shines a light on the shadowy events of one fateful night, grappling with the freedom and violence that arrives with self-expression. Contested memories unspool around the audience - vividly conjured by a compelling combination of visceral lyricism, cavernous soundscapes, disco outbreaks, and macabre humour. 

Rangi unearths the complexities of resistance and resilience with welcoming levity and candour, offering transformative storytelling to haunt and to heal.

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