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Caitlin Erica

Strip Her - The Pop-Up

3 Shepherd St
Marrickville NSW 2204

Saturday 6 April from 8pm to 11:30pm Saturday 22 June from 8pm to 11pm


Initiation + Party Ticket: $89Bring-A-Friend Bundle (2 tickets): $160

Imagine a women-only strip show that pops up for one night...

Where the guests are also the dancers and the stage is open to all;

Where women sleek around in beautiful lingerie, luxuriating in their divinity and flirting with the Goddess herself;

Where women bear witness to each other in their sacred sensual expression; allowing themselves to be seen and celebrated by other women;

A safe space for the forbidden feminine to stretch her legs, arch her back and roll her luscious hips...

This is: Strip Her - The Pop-Up.

Strip Her: The Pop-Up lies somewhere between an empowerment workshop, an interactive theatre production, a wild party and the church that no one grew up going to but maybe we all should have! It’s a revolutionary concept where instead of going to see a show, guests go to BE the show.

Women take their turn flaunting their novice, yet, awe-inspiring moves to a passionate crowd of cheering women who are all there for the same reason: to unleash the parts of themselves they’re used to having to hide… and to be celebrated for it.

Instead of tipping with money, the women tuck compliments into each other’s garter belts, the straps of their lingerie collecting love-notes like ‘powerful’ and ‘captivating’. There’s an air of reverence in the space and an undercurrent of innocent cheek and mischief that’s somewhat reminiscent of the days of high-school slumber parties as women whip out moves they’ve been secretly practising in their bedrooms for years.

Strip Her: The Pop-Up isn’t actually a strip club. There’s no money exchanged and no solicitation of services. Rest assured you won’t go home with a fast $2,000 on your credit card, but you may go home a changed woman. One attendee said of Strip Her: The Pop-Up “I’m a trauma coach in childhood abuse and I’ve come a long way with my personal experience of sexual abuse and really embracing myself as a woman. This workshop has created a great opportunity that I’ve been looking for, for such a long time - where I can be safe in being a woman and really owning it. There was a massive transformation in how I showed up with my body; the way I stripped myself and danced with other beautiful Goddesses in the room. I’m just really grateful. … I'm definitely not the same woman and I can't wait to attend again!”


Simply that you support the other women in however they choose to express themselves. Take the stage only if it pleases you! At no point will any woman be pressured into doing anything she’s not comfortable with. Self-sovereignty and sisterhood support are foundational to this event.


This event is for women only.


Strip Her:The Pop-Up is NOT a strip club. There is no tipping and no solicitation for adult services of any kind. This is an interactive theatrical event.

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Caitlin Erica