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The Flying Nun by Brand X



Friday 8 March from 8pm to 9pm Saturday 9 March from 8pm to 9pm

Enthralling realms of our neurologies displayed in reclamations of softness.

Spoons cultivates coalescent sensorial equities with tactile and tangible realms of observation and participation. The realms of our captivating and enthralling neurologies and identities displayed in reclamations of softness. Where hearts are returned to our bodies and our exigencies are melded with our surroundings. A soft space to wander, to wonder, to listen, or lay, or play, stimming and settling and surrendering.

Spoons is a multi-sensorial immersive performance, endeavouring to layer sensations that curate equitable access to engagement. Spoons will provide a soundscape, movement, tactile objects and installations, and space to walk, sit, stim, witness, touch, converse, have described, listen, leave, or return. 

Cast and creatives:

  • Co-creator, performer: Saskia Ellis

  • Co-creator, sound: Jenny Trinh (Wytchings)

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The Flying Nun by Brand X



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