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107 & DiffusionFM

Radio as a Space and a Material Workshop

107 Redfern St
107 Redfern St
107 Redfern Street, Redfern NSW 2016

Wednesdays, 5pm to 7pm Wednesday 15 November 2023 to Wednesday 20 December 2023

This workshop explores other ways of making radio – it's group led, so you decide how you want it to happen.

We will introduce ourselves to August Black's Mezcal – he describes it thus:

"Mezcal is a novel telematic service that allows multiple constituents to fluidly participate in broadcast-like scenarios through their mobile devices at the flick of their thumbs... Listeners get an immediate way to contribute. Producers can make shows by themselves, in collaboration with others, at remote locations or on-site, and/or in synchronous or asynchronous modes. Both listeners and producers can hop-on or off the stream at will. It all works in a browser, outside of app stores, and is a different kind of networked radio where the boundary between listener and producer can be strict or blurred.... I see Mezcal as an instrument for diverse practices in transmission and sound art, for providing alternative modes of point to point communication for social movements, and as a new technological form of environmental and journalistic reporting."

We will also look at using the electromagnetic wave spectrum via extremely low-powered miniFM transmission scenarios... We could decide on a public space or an event that we would like to use as our subject matter. Then, we can complete the workshop by editing a fixed-media piece from our actions and audio outcomes to be streamed and transmitted via the Radio-Arts network RADIA.

15 November to 20 December from 5pm to 7pm, at 107 Redfern or remotely.

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107 & DiffusionFM



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