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Belvoir St Theatre

POV by re:group performance collective


Tuesdays, 6:45pm to 7:45pm Sundays, 5:15pm to 6:15pm Tuesday 28 May to Sunday 16 June


Adult: $25Preview: $20

Bub is 11-years old and obsessed with documentary filmmaking. In the aftermath of her family breakdown, Bub turns to dramatised re-enactments to get to the truth.

A kid with a camera. Two adults. No rehearsal.

Each night of the season, a young performer works with two unrehearsed adult actors for the first time. As Bub guides them to re-enact her personal experiences, these brave (or foolhardy) performers discover the story on the night, negotiating difficult questions about parenting, agency, mental health and how we speak to children.

POV is the latest experiment in onstage filmmaking from re:group performance collective. After indie flick (COIL) and Sci-Fi (UFO), this is our version of documentary – playful, urgent and live.

"I would travel down to hell and wrestle a film away from the devil, if it was necessary." Werner Herzog

"…A perfect example of why re:group is one of the most interesting theatre groups operating in Australia today" THEATRE TRAVELS on re:group's Coil

"Nostalgic, philosophical and comedic... it's quite unlike any other use of cameras and screens I've seen on stage." SYDNEY MORNING HERALD on re:group's Coil

  • Text by Mark Rogers

  • Directed by Solomon Thomas

  • Performed by Edie Whitehead and Mabelle Rose

  • Creative Team: Mark Rogers, Solomon Thomas, Malcolm Whittaker, Steve Wilson-Alexander, Carly Young

  • Sound Design by Ashley Bundang

  • Administration by Intimate Spectacle, image by Lucy Parakhina

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