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Off with the Pixies

Pixie Kitsch

628 Darling St
Rozelle NSW 2039
Studio Bloop

Saturday 1 June from 7pm to 9pm

Welcome to the Pixie Kitschy wonderland of dragged-up Barbies and earmuffs made from freaky Furbies! This is paint and sip with a pretty unique difference. In this 2-hour session, you will get reacquainted with "Broken Pieces" as you play your way through a cheeky Pinot and patch up with the forgotten part of yourself with a healthy dose of upcycling fun!

You're invited to get weird, wonderful, and wacky with Broken Pieces. This abstract sculpture evening is designed to inspire play, imagination, and humour in adult kids. Recommended for the bounty hunters, plant lovers, cool mums who still play with toys, and artsy fun-loving types.

Let's reminisce and get a little absurd with sculpture making. Recontextualise the irreplaceable, irreparable thing in a totally one-of-a-kind artwork that's reducing waste and not producing it!

We encourage you to bring along your beloved yet annoying, niggling thing... the one that is broken beyond repair but can never be parted with, the scratched burnt CD, record, or shredded mix tape, the tea kettle that is leaking and rusted at the spout, or the vintage cabinet door.

Let your hot gluing, colour-seeking, clay-wielding wandering mind go nuts with a dopamine boost of open-ended creativity!

Please note: if using resin, it will be poured and stored and will need to be collected from the Studio one week after the workshop.

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Off with the Pixies


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