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Antenna Documentary Film Festival

Oeconomia: Documentary screening

Chauvel Cinemas
Chauvel Cinemas
Corner Oatley & Oxford Sts, Paddington NSW 2021

Saturday 22 May from 5pm to 7pm


Adult: $21.00Senior: $18.50Student: $18.50

Everything you'd like to know about money in a funny and thorough film, which goes to the source and asks the capitalists themselves. They have all the answers – at least sometimes.

Inequality is growing. The crises of the banks are paid for by customers. Money is rising to the top, but the planet's resources are being depleted. But why things are like this is another matter, and if you listen to the people who think that the economy is completely incomprehensible, then Oeconomia is just the ticket – and on top of it all it's quite funny! With German thoroughness and great amounts of humour and creativity, we are taken into the heart of a world of glass and concrete, where economists, bankers and CEOs with varying success try to explain the capitalist game.

The director Carmen Losmann uses graphic animations to illustrate the ideas, and lets the camera roll in the interviews as even the people at the very top get confused with the terminology, as they try to explain where money comes from, where it is going, and why growth is the dominant paradigm of our times. The open question is whether there is an alternative any longer. We can already look forward to Losmann hopefully following up his new film with a sequel. (CPH:DOX)

"A dry-sounding documentary that proves to be surprisingly nimble and absorbing." – Screen Daily

"A thoroughly researched, engaging... and thought-provoking documentary." – Cineuropa

Oeconomia is screening as part of Antenna Selects, a curated selection of physical screenings and events, bringing Sydney audiences some of the best international documentary premieres right through to May 2021.

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Antenna Documentary Film Festival


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