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Korean Cultural Centre Australia

LNY Celebration with MEERUE, the Blue Dragon

255 Elizabeth St
Sydney NSW 2000
Korean Cultural Centre

Sunday 25 February from 1:30pm to 3pm

In celebration of the Year of the Blue Dragon, the KCC is inviting audiences to join the exciting journey of Meerue the Blue Dragon. This event, designed for children aged 6-8 and their families, promises an engaging exploration of Korean culture and traditions through storytelling, arts & crafts, and interactive activities.

The book Meerue the Blue Dragon (written by Julianne Lee and illustrated by Claire Jeon) holds special significance in Korean culture, symbolising strength, wisdom, and protection. In Korean mythology, the blue dragon is associated with positive attributes and is often considered a guardian figure.

DATE & TIME: Sunday, 25 Feb, 1.30-3pm

VENUE: Korean Cultural Centre AU


  • Meerue the Blue Dragon Storytelling: An original, interactive story featuring Meerue, a curious blue dragon who embarks on an adventure to Australia, fostering cultural understanding and friendship.

  • Display of the original artwork, showcasing book illustrations: Grab a rare opportunity to appreciate the original illustrations created by skillful Jogakbo (traditional Korean patchwork) to convey the distinctive beauty of individual colours, seamlessly blending them into harmonious patterns that complement the author’s overall vision for the book.

  • Colourful Dragons: Create your own version of Meerue using various colours and your imagination.

  • Masquerade Magic: Step into the story by creating a children’s mask inspired by the book’s illustrations, transforming the activity area into a vibrant world of dragons and friends.

  • Teamwork Makes the Dragon Dream Work: Collaborate with fellow adventurers to decorate a giant dragon mural with colourful ramie scales, symbolising the unity and diversity of the Australian community.

  • Photo session

FREE, bookings essential


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Korean Cultural Centre Australia


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