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Mad Mandrake Made

Lilies and Dust

47 George St
The Rocks NSW 2000
The Attic at Sydney Fringe Sideshow

Fridays and Sundays, 7:30pm to 5pm Friday 8 September to Sunday 1 October

Groups must arrive 10 minutes before their scheduled game. Late groups may have their game time reduced.


Starting from: $135 per team (2-5 players)

Alack! Your dear sweet cat is dead! But pause your grieving, hold your dread, perhaps a chance to win them back?

Death – the Grim Reaper themself – contacts you offering a curious contest: a daring game to claim back your recently departed feline’s soul. For if you and your team of courageous mortal allies can find your way to Death’s doorstep you may try to win your unlucky cat back while its nine lives still hang in the balance.

But your team will have to work quickly to decipher the many peculiar puzzles and poetic riddles set before you combining clues and cracking padlocks swiftly to find the crucial nine keys. With only 60 minutes counting down and Death hovering smugly the challenge won’t be easy. Time is ticking and Death won’t wait are you quick enough to change your poor feline’s fate?

“Lilies and Dust” is an intimate pop-up puzzle room an interactive game that teams of 2-5 players must work together to solve. The room features original themed puzzles and incorporates an interactive costumed character with portions of gameplay built around actor/player interaction. The game is priced per session running for 75 minutes with 60 minutes of gameplay and suited for both new and experienced players.

“Lilies and Dust” is written designed and performed by Sydney multidisciplinary artist Seymour Nixen. Originally produced for Sydney Fringe in 2019 and running for a sold out season at The Rockery the game has been refreshed and extended for Sydney Fringe Festival 2023.

NB: This event is priced per team for groups of two to five players four is recommended and five is the maximum. Additionally although “Lilies and Dust” explores themes around death and dying there is no explicit adult content horror elements or jump scares. However this event is not suitable for players under 15 years unless with a supervising adult.

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