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China Cultural Centre in Sydney

Happy Chinese New Year online events


Weekdays, all day Monday 24 January 2022 to Tuesday 15 February 2022 Except Monday 31 January 2022, Tuesday 1 February 2022 and Wednesday 2 February 2022

Traditional customs carries profound cultural knowledge, Chinese New Year customs includes wearing new clothes, pasting new year scrolls, reunion dinners, red pockets, playing with fire crackers and more.

China Cultural Centre in Sydney will launch a series of Chinese New Year events online featuring performances, exhibitions, animated games and more, celebrating together with all cultures for a bright outlook of the future.

8 fascinating online programs will be released including:

  • The Chinese New Year Concert featuring performance by China National Traditional Orchestra, The National Ballet of China and other national institutions, presenting in the form of short videos with Spring Festival elements

  • The Spring Festival concert performed by Jiangsu Women's Traditional Orchestra introducing Chinese folk music, and bringing festive greetings to overseas audiences

  • The Animated Kids' Show drawing inspiration from the traditional customs of the Chinese Zodiac, integrating Chinese opera and the elements of the Winter Olympics

  • The “24 Solar Terms, Sping” videos explaining the story of the six solar terms such as the Beginning of Spring, Rain Water, Insects Awakening, Spring Equinox, Fresh Green, and Grain Rain

  • The “24 Solar Terms, Winter” introducing the story of the six solar terms including the Beginning of Winter, Light Snow, Heavy Snow, Winter Solstice, Lesser Cold, and Greater Cold

  • The “Taste of Chine- Sichuan cuisine tour” taking you to a fascinated journey of Sichuan cuisine, Sichuan Opera and the Spring Festival

  • The “Happy Chinese New Year Micro Exhibition” showcasing the happy atmosphere in China during the Spring Festival

  • 2022 CCTV Spring Festival Gala Evening, the most watched program in China, also known as the most-watched television show in the world

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with us and discover traditional Chinese Cultural at home!

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China Cultural Centre in Sydney


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