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Halloween House of Horror

Dendy Newtown
Dendy Newtown
261-263 King Street, Newtown NSW 2042

Monday 31 October from 6pm to 11:30pm


Adult: $24Student : $19.50Senior : $15.50Child: $17.50Concession: $19.50VHS Screening : $8

For one night only, this Halloween, Dendy is hosting a Horror Movie total theatre takeover! 

Horror movie ticket holders wearing a Halloween Costume get a free Medium Popcorn! And tickets are only $12 for Club Dendy members, $15 for general admission!*

Calling all creatures of the night, gather round guys and ghouls, the most hip-happening hotspot this All Hallows’ Eve is the haunted house of Dendy Cinemas! With 11 spooktacular Horror films, from Cult Classics to modern must-sees, taking over every theatre in the building all at once (and costumes heartily encouraged with Free Popcorn*) there’s no better place to celebrate Halloween and get your spook on.

No matter your taste for terror, we’ve got you covered:

From the 70’s we have “The Scariest Movie Of All Time” THE EXORCIST (Director’s Cut) ready to possess you once more with it’s phenomenal mix of atmosphere and special effects. 

Or, From the 80’s, Heeeere’s Johnny! Be chilled to the bone with Stanley Kubrik’s THE SHINING, the original theatrical cut, presented in 35mm on the big screen as part of our Celluloid Dreams program, exclusively a Dendy Newtown!*

Prepare to be afraid, be very afraid. David Cronenberg’s sci-fi masterpiece, and, his biggest success, THE FLY. Come for the fantastic direction and practical creature effects, stay for the shirtless Jeff Goldblum.

Put down your Necronomicons, we’ve got horror comedies are covered with Sam Raimi’s classic, iconic cabin-in-the woods slapstick EVIL DEAD 2. Groovy.

Or if your fam are fans of a light fright, the satirical GREMLINS with the adorable gizmo is great one to take your little mogwais to. Just don’t get them wet, or feed them after midnight.

From Japan, acclaimed original THE RING (aka RINGU). Finally settle the debate whether this version is better than the US remake (hint: it is), just make sure to book your tickets seven days in advance. 

Modern Australian classic and so-incredibly-deserved international hit: Jennifer Kent’s THE BABADOOK will have you shook. Dook dook.

Brand new, hot off the presses: HALLOWEEN ENDS, the final entry in the current acclaimed legacy trilogy, with Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode returning to Haddonfield to face down Michael Myers once and for all.

And we have Fresh new Aussie Horror with SISSY. This devilishly clever, wildly entertaining SXSW Film Festival success sees an Instagram influencer encounter her childhood tormentor on a hen’s weekend.

Finally, at Dendy Newtown only, the ultimate Trick or Treat: Andrew Leavold will be presenting a rare MYSTERY shlock-horror cult movie, only available on VHS. Filmmaker, presenter and pulp-genre expert Andrew Leavold was owner/manager of Trash Video, the largest cult video rental store in Australia and we have no idea what he’s going to pull out of his vaults but with Tickets only $8 it’s sure to be worth a roll of the dice.

So get your friends, book your tickets and don your costumes. We’ve got so many spoOoky mOoOovies, it’s scary!