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City of Sydney & University of Sydney

Get to know AI, your new digital colleague

Hermann's Bar
Hermann's Bar
City Rd & Butlin Ave, Darlington NSW 2008, Australia

Tuesday 4 April from 8pm to 9pm

How AI is creating ‘digital humans’ and what this means for the future of work.

Is AI set to help you in your job or replace you? People who don’t know how to work with digital humans may lose their positions to those who do.

Machine learning is enjoying new applications in writing, programming, art and the production of new technology. For example, AI can hold a believable conversation with a user (ChatGPT) or create images from input text (Stable Diffusion). Next, new ‘digital humans’ may be your new colleagues.

Mike, who makes digital people for a living, will discuss what we can expect in this new area and how you might work with this new AI technology.


Mike has a PhD in digital humans and AI from The University of Sydney. Mike’s focus is on interactive photoreal faces. He recently converted an entire Polish film to English, by modifying every actor’s face. As well as research and development, Mike has worked in film production, winning an AFI and being nominated for an Emmy.

He has also worked as a writer, consultant and educator and serves as an important link between researchers and the film and visual effects community. Mike co-founded the Motus Lab at the University of Sydney and explores digital humans using both traditional high-end computer graphics and advanced neural rendering and machine learning.

Also speaking at Hermann's Bar at 6:00PM is Steve Grace

About the venue - Hermann's Bar

Nestled on the corner of Butlin Ave and City Road in the Wentworth Building, Hermann’s is University of Sydney’s own hole-in-the-wall bar. Enjoy a top selection of beers, wines and spirits, with some must-try Hermann’s concoctions for good measure.

When the weather’s good, sit out in the huge beer garden, if not, park up on one of the many comfy lounges inside.

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