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Terrarium indoor garden workshop

1/574 Botany Rd
Alexandria NSW 2015

Saturday 13 November 2021 from 11am to 1pm Saturday 13 November 2021 from 3pm to 5pm Saturday 22 January from 11am to 1pm Saturday 22 January from 3pm to 5pm Saturday 19 February from 11am to 1pm Saturday 19 February from 3pm to 5pm Saturday 12 March from 11am to 1pm Saturday 12 March from 3pm to 5pm Saturday 9 April from 11am to 1pm Saturday 9 April from 3pm to 5pm Saturday 14 May from 11am to 1pm Saturday 14 May from 3pm to 5pm Saturday 18 June from 11am to 1pm Saturday 18 June from 3pm to 5pm


General: $110

Bring some lush greenery indoors. A terrarium is the sustainable, low-maintenance indoor garden. It’s a beautiful addition to office desks, kitchen tables, or other well-lit spots indoors.

During this workshop, you will learn how to create your own terrarium and take home your unique eco-friendly glass garden. The workshop will be run by leading florist Rina.

What you will learn

  • how to look after succulents and cactii.

  • how to express your creativity through gardening and getting your hands dirty.

  • step by step instructions about how to create and decorate your terrariums.

  • how to purchase materials and plants.

What you will get:

All materials will be provided including aprons, glass containers, rocks, pebbles, succulents, and potting mix as well as one large glass bowl terrarium that you get to keep.

What to bring:

A smile and a positive attitude. The workshop involves getting a little messy – don’t wear your best clothes just in case!

Covid-safe information

Covid-19 Studio Entry & Code of Conduct Policy

a.  Double Vaxx The State Governments provide that our studios will be permitted to operate with a patron cap and density limits but only to people who are fully vaccinated (or are medically exempt in NSW). As such, until the governments allow otherwise, only Guests that provide evidence of full vaccination (or that they are medically exempt in NSW) will be permitted to enter our studios. Accordingly, please only place an order with US if you are or will be fully vaccinated before your session is to take place (or you can provide proof of being medically exempt in NSW).* The governments are currently trialling systems to the lead up to transitioning to a ‘vaccinated economy’.

b.  NSW Citizens regardless of Vaccination Status (as from Wednesday, 1 December, 2021) On 27 September 2021, the NSW State Government declared that as from Wednesday, 1 December 2021 Guests, regardless of their vaccination status, will be permitted to attend our NSW studios. Click here for more information.

c.  Face Masks It is mandatory for face masks to be worn at our studios. If you are not wearing a face mask you must have a lawful reason for not doing so. If you do not have a lawful reason for not wearing a face mask, you will be refused entry.* It is permissible to remove your face mask while consuming food and beverages. Please note, it remains your responsibility to have a face mask with you as we will not be supplying face masks at our studios.

d.  QR Code Check-in As per the State Governments’ guidelines and/or requirements, upon arriving at our studios all Guests are required to provide their name, email address and/or telephone number by entering it into the requisite QR register we provide.

e.  Drinking while Upstanding Guests are not permitted to drink while upstanding. In NSW, the State Government will be permitting drinking while upstanding from Wednesday, 1 December 2021.

  • * If you are unable to provide evidence of full vaccination (or that you are medically exempt) or that you are medically exempt from wearing a face mask on entry to our studios, unfortunately you will not be permitted access and considered a ‘No Show’. You will not be entitled to a refund, to reschedule your session or to receive a coupon voucher. Click here to read how you can prove your vaccination status.

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